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Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions of Service
The business relations between Geschenke Kaiser and the customer are based exclusively on the below indicated terms and conditions of service effective at the time of the order.      

Order Acceptance
Your order is an offer to us that terminates in a sales contract.
Our receipt of your electronic order, or your receipt of our Electronic Order Confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order. We reserve the right to accept or reject your order at any time after its receipt. We ship complete orders only, and do not ship partial shipments. A sales contract becomes legally effective when the items are shipped to the customer.      

Product Information
Handcrafted items may vary from the photo as shown on your screen - in color, size and detail content. Also consider that item images may vary depending on your computer’s resolution. Our pewter ornaments are all one of a kind so the colour can be different.     

Delivery from Germany
To a street address in the USA:
Parcels are shipped from Germany directly to you with DHL. Delivery time for in-stock items will typically be approx. 14 to 21 days. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee delivery within a certain time frame. DHL will not deliver to APO or FPO addresses. The delivery time of the packages is dependent on the country of destination’s postal service. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee delivery within a certain time frame. Please provide your complete street address.

Consider, most items are handcrafted and not mass-produced. Therefore, we will not be able to avoid long delivery periods. In this case, we would send your order out as a partial shipment.

If we are not able to fill your order completely, you will be informed.      

Warranty- and Guarantee Conditions
The legal warranty period is two years and begins with the delivery of the items. During this time, all damaged delineated within the warranty will be corrected free of charge. Your warranty claim is limited at first, to a replacement. If a replacement cannot be sent, you will be entitled to the cancellation of the sales contract or a discount on the sales price.

If we grant you a sales guarantee on single items, the terms of the guarantee are enumerated on the guarantee form enclosed with the article.
Geschenke Kaiser can not be held responsible for any kind of damage due to wrong handling, normal use or third parties. Any repairs made to the goods by you or any third party will lead to the termination of your warranty.
Return Guarantee / Revocation
You may return the items without explanation, within two weeks after receipt. The return guarantee period of two weeks begins after receipt of this information in text form (e.g. as letter, fax or e-mail) but not before the merchandise has been received (in the case of repeat deliveries of similar merchandise not before the receipt of the first partial delivery) and not before we have fulfilled our obligation to inform you as per Article 246 § 2 in connection with § 1 Section1 and 2 EGBGB as well as our obligations according to § 312e Section 1, phrase 1 BGB in connection with Article 246 § 3 EGBGB. For merchandise that cannot be shipped by parcel post (i.e. bulky goods) the return of goods may be explained and requested in written format such as a letter or E-mail. The return rights period of two weeks will be met with the timely dispatch of the merchandise or of the written request for return. The return shipment within Germany is at our cost and our risk if the price of the merchandise was more than 40 Euro. Outside of Germany the customer pays the shipment. The return shipment or the request to pick up the merchandise must be addressed to: Geschenke Kaiser, Handtke Art Collection GmbH, Pfisterstr.6, 80331 München.

Please contact us before returning your parcel:
E-Mail: shop@geschenke-kaiser.de

Return Sequence / Revocation Sequence
In order to complete the return of merchandise correctly then both parties must return any advantages they have had from the purchase. Should the merchandise not be in perfect condition then it is possible that the reimbursement may be reduced in relationship to the damage. This does not include damage which was apparent when sold or occurred when checking the merchandise in a way you would have
done for instance if you had been checking the merchandise in a store. The easiest way to avoid the merchandise loosing in value through use, is not to use it in any way or do anything which would influence the merchandise’s value. Any payments must be returned within 30 days. This 30 day period begins for you when you return the merchandise, or when you request the merchandise be picked up. This 30 day
period begin for us when we receive the merchandise.
The prices that are shown in our Online-Shop include the value added tax.
Our company cannot be made liable for price errors. Prices are subject to change in exceptional cases.      

Prices for customers outside the EU are without VAT.

All Countries outside of Germany:

Order acceptance only with a valid credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners).      

Shipping and Handling Charges 
The shipment is depending on the weight. Shipment price is shown in the basket.
  Germany EU
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
- 5kg 6.90 Eur 17.00 Eur 30.00 Eur 35.00 Eur 40.00 Eur

5 - 10kg

6.90 Eur 22.00 Eur 35.00 Eur 45.00 Eur 55.00 Eur
10 - 20kg 10.90 Eur 32.00 Eur 45.00 Eur 65.00 Eur 85.00 Eur
20 - 31.5kg 13.90 Eur 42.00 Eur --- --- ---

Reservation of Ownership
All merchandise that is not fully paid for stays the property of Geschenke Kaiser.      

Data Security Guarantee
All personal information is handled strictly confidentially.

We use address and order data for our own marketing information. During data processing your personal information will be protected according to applicable law.

Important: You can cancel the use, handling or the forwarding of your personal information for marketing purposes, according to §4 clause 3 of the German Tele Service Law, by sending a written E-mail notice to shop@geschenke-kaiser.de to contradict or revoke this use. After receipt of your E-mail, we will cease the use, handling or the forwarding of your data for marketing purposes. All mailings of advertisement material will therefore be stopped.      

Online Security
Security measurements have been taken to secure the contents of our Internet web site for the host provider. The under www.bestofchristmas.com available data is secure against the coincidental or unrelated manipulation, loss, destruction of the interventional use of unauthorized persons. Geschenke Kaiser will not assume liability for interruptions or for the smooth functioning of these security measurements, as these measurements both technical and administrative, lye in the hands of the host provider. For further questions on the host provider, contact Geschenke Kaiser under shop@geschenke-kaiser.de

Geschenke Kaiser Online-Shop uses a secure server. We use data encryption technology to protect against loss, misuse or alteration of your user information during transmission. Secure Socket Layers (SSLs) encrypt the information sent between your computer and our database. In addition, we use Internet fraud screening to protect credit card transactions.

We also protect your purchase by preventing the shipment of merchandise to a fraudulent address by using an automatic address checking procedure.      

Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability
The company Geschenke Kaiser, Handtke Art Collection GmbH, conclusively named Geschenke Kaiser, is liable as the content provider, for all information that is used or offers the use, according to § 5 clause 1 of the German Media Service Treaty or §5 of the German Tele Service Law. All other contents, that are found in the connections to other web site providers, so called “Links”, are to differentiate. Through these “Links”, Geschenke Kaiser offers the use of “foreign contents”. Liable for this foreign content is Geschenke Kaiser only when you, as a user, have informed the company (of an unlawful act or criminal content) or the company has knowledge of this and Geschenke Kaiser is technically capable of preventing the use of www.geschenke-kaiser.de (§5 clause 2 German Media Service Treaty). Only the provider can be made liable for the illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and damage, that emerges from the use or not use of the offered information. The provider that refers to the publication of the links will not take liability. Links consequently refer to websites that can constantly change their contents. Geschenke Kaiser is not obligated to screen links that we offer, for illegal or criminal contents and will not assume responsibility for contents that are not published by Geschenke Kaiser under www.bestofchristmas.com. Only when Geschenke Kaiser detects or is made aware of that a link it offers uses illegal or criminal contents, can the offer be abolished, as far as it possible technically.

Important: Despite accurate supervision of the contents, we cannot be made responsible for contents of external links.

In addition, Geschenke Kaiser will take no responsibility for the correctness, sufficiency or the quality of this information. Liability demands that are made for materialistic or ideational damage that occur by the use or not use of the offered information or as the case may be incomplete or wrong information, will be excluded. All offers are without engagement or obligation. Geschenke Kaiser will allow itself to make changes to our web site or offers as to change, compliment, delete, and close temporarily or completely without notification.      

Copyright and Trademarks
Geschenke Kaiser strives to pursue all publications and copyrights of the use in graphics, tone documents, video sequences and texts also the self constructed graphics, tone documents, video sequences and texts or the public domain graphics, tone documents, video sequences and texts to resort to.

The materials on this Site are protected by United States and foreign copyright laws. If you use the materials in a way that is not clearly allowed by these Terms of Service, you are violating your contract with us and may be violating copyright, trademark, and other laws. In that case, we automatically revoke your permission to use the materials and you must immediately destroy any copies you have made. Title to the materials remains with us or with the authors of the materials contained on this Site. All rights not expressly granted are reserved.
Choice of Law
The Federal Republic of Germany law applies, to the exclusion of the UN-Purchase Law, for the order, its delivery and the claims that result from this.
Final Clause
In case several of the preceding terms are or become ineffective, the remaining terms will stay in effect.
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Geschenke Kaiser
Handtke Art Collection GmbH
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